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duck's mom

Duck's mom passed away last night. She was 58. Services will be next week, Thursday and Friday. I feel bad for my husband and his family. Mikki was too young and suffered a great deal as she was dying. It is sad and it seems unfair. Thankfully, she had many, many, many visitors in her last few weeks. She knew she was loved, which is good. I am happy for that.

is it okay to vomit?

(Tuesday evening during Economics)

FROM B, VIA TEXT: Mom, something really cool happened today at school. Hurry home so I can tell you (and Dad)!

(Later at Home)

FACE TO FACE: I made out! Mikayla and I were walking to lunch and we noticed nobody was in the hall. We stopped, we hugged and then we kissed. We stopped, we hugged and then we kissed, using tongue! Isn't that GREAT!? I kissed and made out!


Duck: (Silence)

I don't think it went over as well as B had hoped. We did later ask him if he was happy and how he felt. Then we gently asked him not to partake in PDA at school. It is not allowed and the last thing we want is a call saying, "Your son was caught making out in the hall..."

So, it's okay to vomit, right?

the fog is lifting

Okay, so I no longer feel as if I've been punched multiple times in the face and I'm upright. This is a huge (and positive) change from the three days I spent in bed and on couch nursing this terrible cold/flu thing that's taken over our home. Thankfully, aside from the hacking and multiple boxes of kleenex in use, I think all of us are pulling out of it. The last documented vomiting was Monday, with B! Knock on wood!

Of course, face, ear pain and nausea, or not, I did have school to attend. I would be lost missing econ, which is truly kicking my bottom and I had both lab and lecture exams in A & P. Good news, I received FANTASTIC grades on my last two papers in English. A "Powerball," worth 4, 4.0 paragraphs, and a "Star," worth 2, 4.0 paragraphs! Woo Hoo!

There are only a couple of weeks of school left for the boys! The two oldest boys are ending the year on high notes, B gets to go to Silverwood with his school, and C has a day-long field trip. M is finishing up his last weeks of school enjoying his best friend, Lauren and R is ready to have his brothers home with him during the day. I'm looking forward to summer! The routine of school days are great, don't misunderstand me, but I love summer! It is less stressful, because our schedules become less crowded. I love the heat here, and the many, many days of sunshine!

Speaking of which, we're heading outside to "chalk up" our driveway while we wait for M's bus...and then, homework!



Sorry it's late! I was down for the count... honestly!

Spring = January? UGH!

OMG! I think I have to apply to nursing school by August 5! I have to talk to a counselor again, like pronto! I won't be done with my pre-req's until end of fall quarter. I wonder if they would still accept me? Classes start January 2010! I was expecting Spring-ish. Now I'm a bit stressed. I need to talk with my Petah. She's done this whole dance before and can probably calm me down... I need to learn how to compartmentalize. I'm too swayed by my emotions, and (usually) not swayed positively! :)HELP, PETAH!
(Damien, frustrated that Duck forgot something he told him...)

Damien: Keep your brain right!

#2 testing... testing...

I have my second econ test tonight. After Tuesday's class I was a basket case, she had a mini-quiz (not graded) just to see where we were at... OMG! Hello? I felt as though I hadn't been in class for the last 3 weeks! Where the heck was she getting these questions? Anyhow, I went back through the book and my notes yesterday and most of this morning and I feel a lot better.

My english class has been a surprise as far as the difficulty and amount of work. Plus, the teacher has a real problem with consistency. What's he really looking for? It's anyone's guess.

C's play opens this weekend! We're looking forward to seeing him in it. This last week of rehearsals has been long. The director has asked that the kids be there 5:15 and hasn't excused them earlier than 9:30; last night 10:10! He is a trooper though and is getting up each morning and going to school.

B started his junior league baseball team this week. Practices are t/th, same as game days for his school! He goes from his game to practice! Ugh! Thankfully, he does it with a smile, and has continued his 4.0!

M and R are holding steady. They have been really good with all the car rides they have to endure shuttling their brothers and me around town!

Diet still going well. No cheats. Start exercising this week!

counting ounces... so there!

Last week: 4.8
This week: 3.1
Total: 7.9


one week down...

So, it begins... I've got one week under my belt on WW and about 51 left to go. I haven't been tempted to cheat at all and I'm looking forward to being svelte. Down 5 lbs.

don't encourage me...

M: (to Duck) If you only had one arm and it was the arm you splashed with. Would the song go "Splish, Splish I was takin' a bath?"